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Keyspan USB Twin Serial Adapter

Keyspan USB Twin Serial Adapter

The USB Twin serial adapter provides a simple and reliable way to connect serial devices to the USB port on your Mac.
Plugs into the USB port on your MAC
Provides two RS-422 ports for connection to serial devices
100% compliant with USB specifications
Draws its power from the USB connection -- no power adapter required
Easy to carry - weighs just two ounces
Supports use of multiple adapters on one MAC
Mac: An available USB port; Mac OS 8.6 (or later); Mac OS X
Linux: An available USB port; Linux 2.4.18 (or later)
Compatibility: For use with RS-232 serial devices including modems, graphics tablets, digital cameras, serial PDAs, color calibrators, GPS devices, cell phones, hand held scanners, medical and scientific instrumentation, and most serial printers including label printers, HP DeskWriters, Apple StyleWriters and serial LaserWriters. Does not support AppleTalk/LocalTalk. some serial devices have not been updated to work under Mac OS X. Check Keyspan web site or the serial device manufacturer's web site for further details. (For Epson Stylus printers, use our USB Parallel Printer Adapter.)