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S1- Stand Black

S1- Stand Black

The stand is designed for mostly popular handheld barcode scanner on the market, fit for different brand and models. 
• Ultra comfort and light design for lifetime use, handy for all applications (Net weigh:128g). 
•Stable to hold the scanner and prevent scanner from falling off. 
•Allowed to adjust any angle for better laying up, multi scan angle, greatly improved work efficiency. 
•Suitable for Winson WNL-3000 handheld barcode scanner, easily with Infra-red auto-induction sensoring. 
• Helpful for application of POS system, Production Line, Library, Logistics, etc. 
• 100% green eco ABS material, poison-free and recyclable.
 • Customized scanner stand color and logo as per request, established unified company image.

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